Saliva COVID-19 antigen rapid test

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What is Saligen

Saligen is a non-invasive diagnostical health instrument based on the principle of SARS-CoV-2 antigens detection in human saliva of persons suspected with COVID-19 infection.

The tested person gathers saliva in their mouth for 30 seconds (approx. 0,5 ml), the sample is extracted, mixed in the tube, and evaluated in 10 minutes using a special testing card.

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Saligen also contains an internal control element in the testing card which shows whether the sample flow was sufficient, thus implying the test is relevant or not.

This secures the test relevancy and ensures high testing efficiency and success.

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Validation study

Bakter Medical s.r.o.

We introduce Saligen, a new non-invasive antigenic test developed by the czech’s company. Saligen combines simplicity and efficiency when the sample is extracted from saliva with high effectiveness and there is no invasive sample extraction from the nose.

Therefore, it is suitable also for children and seniors. The results can be read after 10 minutes.

High success rate and quality was also by testing in the Health Institute in Ostrava.

  • European quality – developed by the czech’s company, high efficiency
  • Non-invasive – no unpleasant sample extraction from the nose
  • For everyone – suitable also for children and seniors
  • Fast – results after 10 minutes

Easy operation


Suitable for children


Result in 10 minutes

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